Adding Packages

A package manifest is a collection of repository names and repository locations.

We have three types of manifests:

Manifests are loaded in that order, wherein duplicate names will be ignored.


Since duplicate names are ignored, the local manifests can be used to override other manifests.


The manifest definition consists of a listing of a name and a repository, and are listed in a .manifest.json:

        "name": "<vendor-name>/<package-name>",
        "repository": "https://<repository>.git"


Local Manifest

Local Manifests are added on a per project basis. By defining a .manifest.json file in the root of your project we can add new packages available to that project only.

Root Manifest

The root manifest contains packages that are defined by the root registry.

Normal Manifest

The normal manifests are packages defined by normal registries.


To get your own packages included in the root or normal manifest, you can setup a pull request to get it validated!